Book Recommendation: True North

True North, written by Bruce Henderson, begins with a detailed scene of three starving men chewing on a rain slicker made of tough walrus hide.  Somewhere on the frozen Arctic Ocean, these men struggle for life, luring and killing a grown male polar bear, living in furs and igloos, fighting to return from the spirit world of the ice.  When Dr. Cook finally returns to land and civilization, an astounding announcement is made, one that surprises Robert E. Peary, an old friend and veteran Arctic explorer with similar news to share.

This is the story of the discovery of the North Pole, an adventure narrative that brings you close to the drama, the explorers, and far-off exotic lands.  With a twist.  The Pole may not have been discovered by either man.  The added elements of  mystery and controversy make for an engrossing and enjoyable read as you piece together what may or may not have really happened.

Favorite moment: Peary’s ultimatum preventing the return of Cook’s navigational instruments to America.  It is fun to see the man known for his indomitable will in action.

Favorite quote: “I walked until there was no latitude.”


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