Five Features to Love About Pockets

Pockets are convenient, secure places to store items to which you require easy access. People don’t think much about their pockets, but these miniature storage units are more amazing than they appear. So, I’m going to rave about them and their nifty features. Below are five features to love about pockets.

1. Fleece-lined. If you’re hands have ever been exposed to cold or other severe wintry weather and then found refuge within a cozy fleece-lined pocket then you know their value. Soft, warm, and the best part – you can move your fingers again!

2. Internal. Great solution for holding items like keys, cash, or IDs in a separate, enclosed space. In a bag, the items placed in such a pocket don’t get mixed up with everything else. On clothing, these important items are kept close to the body, reducing bulk during active pursuits. Added bonus – they feel like secret compartments to hide treasures. I like to stash a few watermelon Jolly Ranchers in the internal pocket of my day pack for a special treat.

3. Mesh. Typically used on tents or packs, the mesh pocket makes the list simply because when full of stuff, you can easily see what’s inside. Saves considerable time and trouble digging around for a headlamp, water purifier tablets, etc. Mesh is lightweight too, and sometimes every fraction of an ounce counts!

4. The Kangaroo Handwarmer. This pocket provides a comfortable and roomy pouch to rest your limbs. I choose a hoody or sweater with the kangaroo pocket on a brisk autumn day or lazy Sunday afternoon.

5. Sleeve. A flat, low volume pocket located on the sleeve of a shirt or jacket, the sleeve pocket is designed to hold the small items you need at your fingertips. Aspirin or a tube of chap stick fit nicely and can be gotten out quickly.

While the basic job of a pocket is to hold things, they are capable of doing more. When purchasing clothing or gear think about what you want your pockets to do for you.


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