Review: Merrell Pace Glove Cross-Training Shoes

Merrell Pace Glove Cross-Training Shoes

Price: $99.95 ($$)

Specs: 0mm heel to midfoot drop, rubber toe bumpers, DWR finish. (DWR = Durable Water Repellant)

Season: All year.

Best Use: Running.  Perfect for my thrice weekly 4 mile run around town.  I prefer a shoe with more stability when heading out on rough trails.  You will feel a rock if you land weird with the pace glove.

Two features I’m most excited about:

1.) Lightweight – only 10 ounces, allows you to truly be light on your feet.

2.) Machine washable (cold, gentle cycle, *air dry*).  Shoes, as a result of feet, get smelly. It’s really nice to be worry-free about throwing these in the wash once in a while when they need to be freshened up.

One thing I would change: People wearing running shoes without socks.  I understand it’s a barefoot shoe, but socks do amazing things.  They absorb sweat, prevent blisters, provide cushioning, and can be made into puppets.  Don’t ditch your amazing socks! 

Tidbits: Lacing system allows you to adjust for a precise fit.  Important for a shoe designed to fit your foot like a glove.

Vibram sole grips a variety of surfaces allowing you to run on anything from crushed gravel to wet leaves without slipping or sliding.

Sum-up: When lacing up for a run, slipping into a comfy spare pair of shoes after a grueling hike, or walking briskly to catch the train home after work, the pace glove performs wonderfully.  This is a multi-use shoe that extends beyond the realm of running and is a ‘go to’ item in my footwear collection.

Please Note: All running shoes need replacement after a certain number of miles – Merrell Pace Glove Cross-Training shoes will wear down after about one year of regular use. Some advice: cherish the time you have and be ready to order a new pair when the end is in sight. New shoes will make you feel better.


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