Media Recommendation: Adventure Archives

If I could only use one word to describe the videos created by the guys at Adventure Archives, it is professional.  From the filming equipment used to the graphics and music created, the quality is top-notch.  But, I have a whole page to fill here so I’ll add a few more adjectives: fun, real, informative.  This is backpacking, camping, and exploring nature the way it is.  Not dramatized for effect.  No extreme acts of man suffering in and, eventually, conquering wilderness.  And none of that editing where something is seemingly about to happen, cuts to commercials, and then it turns out to be . . . nothing at all.

This is what it actually looks and feels like when you and your friends pack up food and shelter for a couple of days and head out into the woods.  The weather isn’t always cooperative and the plan doesn’t always go as planned, but the time spent together outside is all good.

Evident in the posted episodes is the time and care taken by Andrew, Bryan, Robby, and Thomas to make them.  The shots are well thought out, the camera never shakes wildly about, useful and interesting information is provided, and a natural story unfolds.  The skills of plant identification, fire-starting, knot tying, and camp setup are shared in many of the full-length episodes, but can be viewed as tutorials in the ‘Side Videos’ section as well.

Adventure Archives is perfect for the weekend backpacker who also enjoys games like Ocarina of Time.  That may sound strange, but check out the Season 2 episode in Great Smoky Mountains National Park to see what I mean.  You will find yourself engaged in a wandering sort of adventure through beautiful places with good people.  And you may soon find yourself planning a trip of your own and/or digging out an old Nintendo.

Adventure Archives YouTube Channel


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