Book Recommendation: The Sean Stranahan Mysteries

Keith McCafferty’s series, ‘The Sean Stranahan Mysteries’ follows private investigator, fly-fisherman, and newcomer to Montana, Sean Stranahan as he fishes big water out West while solving local murder cases. Currently consisting of six books, a selection of titles from the series helps the reader get a sense of what to expect: The Royal Wulff MurdersCrazy Mountain Kiss, Buffalo Jump Blues, Cold Hearted River. The series contains a trifecta of things I enjoy – murder most foul, big sky country, and fly-fishing for native trout. The mysteries are solvable (this is no Agatha Christie murder) and the dialogue is a bit rough around the edges, but the passages from an angler’s perspective are intriguing and the characters and setting bring the stories to life. A good summer read for porch-sitting, lazing in a hammock, or anywhere comfortable outdoors. Nature’s sounds and distractions complement these books quite well. And no worries, the tales of murder won’t scare you from heading out to the nearest fishy waters with a fly rod in hand.

Favorite moment: Stranahan on a stake-out, landing a trophy brown then noticing the truck he’s been waiting for all evening roll by. A nice double.

Favorite quote: “From that neighborhood on the Madison where I ran into you, where Gentry, the taxidermist who whacked the antelope, lives.”




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