Review: Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers

Fjällräven Vidda Pro Trousers

Price: $150 ($$)

Specs: G-1000 material (“A Fjällräven original, G-1000 fabric is tightly woven, hard-tested and quick-to-dry, providing excellent ventilation, top-grade wind and water resistance and remarkable durability.”) Reinforced at the rear and knees, six pockets, European sizing.

Season: All seasons. Layers well with thermals for colder times.

Best Use: Trekking, backcountry pursuits.

Two features I’m most excited about: A woman’s pant that is actually functional and durable. (should be a given, but outdoor retail is still catching up on making women’s gear as good as the guys). These have real belt loops, a pocket for my knife, a pocket for my map, and are comfortable to wear all day – functions I must have.  After multiple trips and no sign of wear, I know I can rely on these every time I venture out.

Adjustable elastic strap at the ankle. I didn’t think I would use this at first, but being able to cinch my pant leg down around my boot (even attach to my laces with a metal hook) is quite useful. Great for keeping in warmth and keeping out particles.

One thing I would change: Fjallraven’s products have a tendency to be sold out, so purchasing can be tricky. Planning ahead usually solves this, but be prepared to subdue the Veruca Salt “I want it now!” impulse.

Tidbits: Knee pad compatible. If you are into bushcraft and spend lots of time on the ground coaxing embers into flames, you can easily slide in some pads and give your kneecaps a break. Or if your commute involves rollerblading?

Easy application of wax for extra waterproofing. Fjällräven sells Greenland Wax which can be applied to further enhance a garment’s wind and water resistance. Simply rub it on and melt it in (a hair dryer works if you don’t have an iron).

Sum-up: If I somehow manage to lose (possible) or irreversibly damage (many times less possible) these pants, I would replace them immediately. It sure is nice to finally own a solid pair of ladies’ trousers.

Vidda Pro Trousers W


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