Media Recommendation: Dirty Gourmet

What are we going to eat for dinner?  The question comes up at least once every 24 hours.  At home, I can usually pull something edible/palatable together from the pantry and refrigerator.  There have been some less than savory concoctions and some salads that have left me wanting.  Pizza delivery solves all.  So, when thinking about what I’m going to eat during a camping or backpacking trip, I have to plan meals I know will be tasty and filling. At the end of a long day outside, I must have my treats!  My search for such a thing led me to a plethora of prepackaged freeze-dried options (meh), a lengthy exploration on Velveeta cheese and its unspoilability that would make a good Myth Busters episode (gross), and curiosity over why the instant ramen brand ‘Cup Noodles’ isn’t Cup Of Noodles (???).

Dirty Gourmet is a recipe collaboration by three women that makes the “what are we eating” aspect of being in the outdoors a key component of the enjoyment.  Food is never an afterthought, rather a complement to the experience.  For me, mealtime is an occasion to look forward to, every day, with great anticipation.  In the backcountry, even more so.  Requiring some preparation, the results are certainly worthwhile.  Every recipe I’ve replicated tastes great, restores my energy, and sits well.  I like to make some things ahead of time for easy snacking on the go and others on my camp stove when time allows.  Dirty Gourmet’s selection of recipes is pretty expansive and offers helpful tips to customize dishes even further.  There are many vegan and vegetarian dishes featured, to which one can always add meat.  A few of my favorites for overnight trips are the Mountain Berry BreadGrits, and Sweet Potato and Sausage Savory Pie Bombs.

I’ve learned:

  • Dried mushrooms go a long way in adding flavor and meatiness.
  • Quick breads are so simple to prepare at home, last for days on the trail, and make great desserts.
  • Not to be afraid of longer ingredient lists.
  • Spices are my friends.
  • Eating well makes you feel well!

Dirty Gourmet


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